Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Musings and Questions

Tropical Storm Lee came and went this Labor Day weekend.  He brought lots and lots of rain which we really did need and now the temps have decreased as well.  It is starting to feel like fall!  I had to work all weekend so my daughter stayed the weekend with my father and they went to Incredible Pizza in Memphis.  She had a blast!  Incredible Pizza is kinda like Chucky Cheese but much better!  (I am going to now try and insert a link, I hope it works lol)
Incredible Pizza

I broke down and finally ordered a light box this weekend.  I can not wait until it comes in!  I hope it brings a huge change to any photos that I take of the items I create.  Do you have a light box?  I also signed up for Super Beadwork Magazine!  I can't wait to get my first issue in and see what I can create out of it. 

I have decided that I have Beading ADHD.  If I cannot sit down and make something in one setting I never go back and finish it.  Although I have to wonder if maybe my taste has something to do with that as well.  I prefer simple pieces that are small and not blingy or flashy so maybe that is part of it as well.  I surf the net and etsy to see what others are creating and some of the pieces I find just blow me away.  Something like this for example:

I found this on etsy at Thistle Dew For You .  I love this but I just cannot see me ever being able to make something like this.  There is no telling how many hours she put into this piece.  And at $2500 will she ever sell it?  Is there a market for beadwork at this price point?  To me this seems more of a museum piece not something that someone would wear.  But Hey!  I have been wrong before lol.  What do you think?

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  1. Hi Marla, Tell me about this weather wild ain't it I had to pull out the sweat pants this morning. LOL! I had to work this past holiday weekend as well, but I have today and tomorrow off. I plan to get a couple of pieces done. I'm like you I like to keep it simple or else I lose interest. I admire those that can create these amazing pieces of art that takes hours to create, like the one you have pictured, and yes someone out there will pay 2,500 for it, because they admire the craftsmanship of the piece.