Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finished Piece

A finished piece! This is my actual finished piece that I created from my class with Marcie. I am really happy with it other than when I added the chain edging. I made it before she uploaded a video on how to do it so it was not done correctly. I will probably remake this being the perfectionist that I am lol. I also really need to practice my photography skills. I think I am going to try to build a light box. Do you use a light box and has it helped?

I am really enjoying blogging! I really need to find some more blogs to follow. Do you have any recommendations? What is your favorite blog to follow?
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  1. It is beautiful, Marla! I really like the two 4mm beads on the chain. That was a nice touch. My bead embroidery has taken a back seat to bead crochet for a while. I got involved with a group of crocheters online. We have a lot of projects going on right now. As soon as this winds down I will get back to my Marcie projects. I ordered a bunch of new gemstones so they will be there for me when it's time. What are your favorite beading-type topics? I follow a lot of blogs. If I knew what you were interested in I might be able to point you in a direction. One popular jewelry blog is If you like here style you can click her "The Blog Roll" link on the left side of her page to see a list of blogs that might be of interest. If you want more seed beads stuff you might check out Marcia Decoster She has some links on her page of the blogs she likes. What types of blogs would you be interested in?

  2. Thanks for the response Doreen! I will check those out as soon as I have time. About to go to work ugh! Was supposed to be off today but someone called in /sigh. I love anything seed beads. I was an Art Major in college and because life got in the way I never completed college. (mistake) I am finding now almost 20 years later that I just want to create again! So I am really open to any type of blogs where people create anything. I just want to be inspired if that makes sense. I am looking forward to when you come back from your break on your blog to see what you have created with bead crochet!

  3. Another blog came to mind:
    There are lots of links on her page to other blogs you might be interested in.

  4. I did buy a relatively inexpensive lightbox on ebay and I really do like it. But there are diy instructions here on the internet on how to make your own. My blog is at


  5. Ohhhh I did not think about Ebay! Great Advice Teri I am going there now. I added your blog to my Google Reader account Teri. Great work!