Friday, July 27, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Welcome to the 6th Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal #1!  I was one lucky Lady when I was paired with Kim Bender-Hora from kimmykats.  She makes really fantastic silverware jewelry so if you are not familiar with her work I highly recommend that you check her out!  This is what Kim sent me:

And this is what I came up with:

Gaia's Tears
Full Size View

Clasp View

Now I have to admit that I am not completely happy with this piece.  When I signed up for this I did not choose a date so I was assigned the first reveal.  I really should not have done that.  The anniversary of my daughters birth and death is July 22nd and this year she would have been 6 if she had survived.  I know how I get around this time every year and as the date to not only that, but the reveal for this hop got closer, I sunk more and more into a depression.  This was such a hard piece for me.  I think I played it safe just so that I could get my piece completed on time.  Aw Twell, there is always next year, and a lesson well learned about choosing dates.  However that being said if I had picked a date the chances of me being paired up with Kim would have been zero to none and that also would have cost me the chance to be able to get to know this wonderful woman.

Kim not only sent me beads, but also some finished jewelry made by her and her husband.

Love Love Love This!

Awesome Sauce!
Thanks so much for visiting with me and be sure to check out all the other reveals as well @

A Special Thanks to the Hostess with the Mostess Lori Anderson!  <3

Oh and one more thing!  Not only did Kim send me a wonderful Bead Soup but she also sent me a second helping a week or so later!  Told ya I was lucky!  I have not had a chance to use it yet however so be sure to check back to see when I do.  Check out what else she sent!  Thanks Kim!

Natural Stone, PolyClay, and Enameled Washers

Tons of Bead Caps, Spacers, Bullet Casing and a Silverware Pendant

Peace and <3

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Color Surprise Blog Hop!

Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures recently put up a call on the Creative Bead Chat Group on Facebook for a Blog Hop that she wanted to do.  You purchase a kit from her and she sends you a rather large bead soup in a surprise color for you to use for the blog hop.  I just had to jump on the bandwagon for this.  And I am so glad that I did.  Lisa sent me a color that I never use....

The rules were really simple.  We had to use 50% of what Lisa sent us in our piece.  The only thing that I added was purple Toho seed beads and a piece of lovely silk ribbon and a brass button for the clasp.  I really did not have a plan when I started this.  I was thinking of doing something in free-form peyote but being such a control freak that just did not work out lol.  This is as free-form as I get it seems.  So using a color that I never ever use I came up with this:

Purple Passion

A Closer Look

Be sure to check out what everyone else came up with @

Marla Gibson <---------You Are Here!

Thanks so much for taking a look!  This was such a challenge for me :)
Peace and <3

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's in a Name?

I was asked to join this wonderful blog hop because I have recently posted about this at the suggestion of the hostess, Shelley from Fabric of My Life.  Because of this I decided to just share my link that will take you to where I came up with Spice Box Designs.

Click Here

I also want to wish Shelley a Very Happy Lovely Extra Special Birthday!  Happy Birthday Lady!  I hope your day is as lovely as you are!  <3

Be sure to check out the lovely people also participating in this to find out what is behind their name as well!

 Blog Host/Birthday Girl! - Shelley Graham Turner of Tori Sophia

And the most important things to remember about my name is;

Peace and <3 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I am so honored to be chosen for this by three wonderful ladies.  Therese for Therese's Treasures, Christine Altmiller from One Kiss Creations and Tanya from A Work in Progress all nominated me for this lovely award and it really means a lot to me.  Thank you so much Ladies!  <3 

When you receive this award, there are a few rules:
1. Post a link to the person who awarded you 
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know

So here goes........


1.  I have been clean since 2000.  Yep I was a drug addict for several years when I lived on the West Coast.  Heroin was my poison.   I miss it still!  Staying strong however!

2.  I am a veteran.  I served as a Combat MP in the U.S Army.  I escorted nuclear weapons and Prisoner's of War, I was not a Base MP.  This is the closest that a woman could get to combat at that time.  

3.  I am allergic to coconut!  And it stinks, because I love the smell of it.  It has to taste yummy!

4.  I have 5 tattoos!  I think I want to add one more before I am finished lol.  This time around I think I want a bonsai tree on my left shoulder blade.  Because despite the storms and wind I am still growing on the cliff.

5.  I am a cancer survivor.  I had ovarian and uterine cancer.  I have been cancer free for 15 months!  Yay!

6.  My nickname growing up was Bonehead.  I was really really stubborn!  Still am!  Ha!

7.  I collect Enesco Jack in the Boxes.  I love love them!  I only have 3 atm, because they are a bit hard to find and I spend most of my money on beads lol.  

Now these are the people that I would like to award:



Fabric of My Life  by Shelley Turner!  Man oh man this Lady is a Hoot!  I love reading and see what she is up to next!  While she is new to blogging,  she will keep you entertained!

La Bella Joya by Marcie Abney.  Her work is the reason why I started this journey.  She is very creative and sweet and it is a joy to read about what inspires her to create her pieces.

Knot Just Macrame by Sheri Stokey.  I have not known Sherri very long, but I have enjoyed getting to know her through here and on facebook.  Plus her work is Ah-Maz-Ing!

Dragon Bracelet by Sherri

Sharyl's Jewelry and Reflections by Sharyl McMillen-Nelson.  Sharyl has such a sweet spirit!  And her jewelry is beautiful!  I also love her Macro Photography!

Off the Beaded Path by Kelly Dale.  Kelly pretty much taught me how to beadweave using her youtube channel.  She is also a Southern Lady and is full of grace and sunshine!

Mad Designs by Marcia DeCoster.  I love Right Angle Weave and No One Does it better than the RAW Goddess.  I cannot wait until her new book comes out!

Operation Tackle That Bead Stash by several lovely and talented women.  This is a blog based off of a Facebook Group that is made up mostly of beadweavers.  For lots and lots of eye candy this is the place to be!

Releases by Rufydoof by Karyn Healey-White.  This is the brain behind The Beading Babes!  Not only that but her work is wonderful!  While I do not know her that well, I check her blog often for updates!

Tree Wings Studio by Rebekah Payne.  I just love her work,  it amazes me what she can coax out of Polymer Clay.  Not to mention her Design skills and her Photography is awesome as well!

Backyard Beads by Doreen Willey.  I was lucky enough to take an e-course with this lovely and talented lady.  She does not post much anymore.  I miss her!

I did not want to nominate anyone that nominated me but the 3 that did are 3 of my favorite bloggers and artists as well.  I highly recommend that you check them out!  Thanks for visiting!

Peace and <3

Friday, July 6, 2012

Soup is Simmering!

I received my wonderful Beads yesterday from my Bead Soup Blog Party Partner, Kim Bender-Hora. Kim is such a talented lady and the work she does with silverware is just absolutely amazing! You can check out her work by going to KimmyKats. Seriously! Go see what she creates! You will be amazed! Here is the soup that I get to work with! It is going to be a huge challenge for me as I am not a stringer, but a beadweaver. However that being said I have some ideas forming already. So here is what Kim sent me:

Lovely Jasper Beads 

A Beautiful Silver Clasp

Not only did Kim send me a wonderful soup but she also sent me some jewelry!  How lucky am I?  When I saw these beauties I had to pick my mouth up off the floor.  They are stunning!

Fork Tine Earrings

1939 Royal Rose Spoon Bracelet

It really amazes me what she can do with silverware!  I love love love the bracelet and earrings and I slept in the bracelet last night because it is so comfortable wearing that I forgot to take it off.  If you would like to see what I sent Kim you can click HERE.  I have to admit I think I might have gotten a bit carried away lol.  But luckily Kim is ok with that!  Yay!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back for the reveal!

Peace and <3