Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Time To Stitch 2 Blog Hop Reveal

Therese and Christine have done it again!  This time they paired up to continue on their "A Time To Stitch" Blog hop series.  The first time these lovely ladies hosted this hop was back in June.  The last time the challenge was to make something using Herringbone or Peyote or both.  If you would like to take a trip back in time to see what I made you can click HERE.

The challenge this time was to create something using Right Angle Weave (RAW) and/or St. Petersburg Stitch.  I wanted to do something simple this time.  Something that I could wear everyday.  My first piece was made using St. Petersburg Stitch.  I love how this turned out.  There was a pattern published a while back in Beadwork Magazine, which I just loved!  I have a copy of it somewhere I just did not want to go and try to find it lol.  I thought I would make my own version.  So here it is:

The next two pieces are made using RAW, which I happen to love by the way!  This bracelet was made following a patten by Ella from Ella's patterns actually taught me RAW and she makes/writes such fantastic tutorials that even a newbie can follow. I made this bracelet using 4mm Jasper Rounds and 11/0 seed beads with a natural wood button.  I just love the way it turned out!

Close Up

And last of all is this Hollow Core Beaded Bead I made that also uses RAW.  I found the tutorial for this @ Beadaholique's YouTube Channel.  If you would like to learn how to make this bead you can click HERE.  It is a great tutorial and you should totally check it out! 

Thanks again so much for visiting with me and be sure to visit what the other participants came up with @

Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller  Your Wonderful Hostesses!  Thank You!  <3

Kristen Stevens
Shirley Moore
Marla Gibson <----- You Are Here!
Kim Hora (who I recently got to meet!  Love her!)
Karen Williams
Nikki Byers

Peace and <3 Ya'll!

p.s.  sorry for the crappy photos!  I have had these made for a while now, but I just photographed them and I am a bit under the weather.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Please Help!

My daughter, Trinity goes to Saltillo Elementry School.  Her school recently submitted this video:

for a contest that Glidden Paint is doing called the Colorful Classrooms Contest!  Glidden® Paint will donate up to 200 gallons to transform one lucky elementary school into a brighter, more colorful place to learn and grow.

This is a fantastic school!  My daughter is dyslexic and they have really helped her with it and she now reads at her age level!  They have been fantastic in helping us with any concerns that we might have.  Saltillo School District is also a Mississippi Arts Commission, Whole Arts School.  What that means is that they teach through strengthening education in and through the arts by promoting sequential, comprehensive arts education in grades K–12.  I will be honest and say we bought our house in this town because of this school district! My daughter takes Drama in the area they show on the video in fact.

You can learn more about the school by clicking here. So please help Saltillo Elementry School win by voting one time HERE!  One single click of a mouse button can make a world of difference in 800 childrens' lives!

Thanks you so very very much! <3

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holiday Bling Blog Hop Reveal

Two of the coolest women ever decided to host this event, Shelley Graham Turner of Fabric of My Life and Marlene Cupo of Amazing Designs, to try and get us in the Holiday Spirit!  The object was to exchange something that we made with a partner that reminds you of the Holidays.  My partner was Dyanne Cantrell of Dee-Liteful Jewelry Creations.  Dyanne does some amazing work so make sure you check out her page!

One of my favorite designers is Cristie Prince of Glassy Jewels.  She recently had a design published in a special edition of Beadwork and as soon as I saw it I just knew I had to make it.  So off to her website I went and purchased her kit for her "Princess Kate Bracelet".  I went with the silver color scheme because it reminds me so much of the sparkling lights of the season and sparkling melting ice.  We do not get much snow here in Mississippi, but every so often we have some pretty severe Ice Storms.  I just loved this bracelet, it is so pretty and sparkling!  So without further ado...

Now to show you what Dyanne sent me!  She must have seen on facebook or maybe on another blog that I just love bells.  The bracelet she sent me is full of tinkle!  It reminds me so much of  "It's a Wonderful Life", where the child says, "Every time a bell rings an angel gets it wings."

She totally nailed me with this one.  I love Christmas!    Here is her beautiful bracelet...

Growing up we really did not celebrate or decorate for Christmas so now that I am an adult in my own household I tend to go overboard.  And there is no telling how much time she spent putting each bell and light on, one by one.  I just love it!  Thank you so much Dyanne!

Be sure to check out what the other participants exchanged with each other!

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Mary Hicks, Shannon Hicks

Peace and <3