Friday, September 9, 2011

Light Box!

So I purchased a light box kit this weekend off of Amazon and I received it today!  I just had to try it out to see if there is a real difference.  All I can say is wow!  It is a huge difference!  I cannot believe the difference light makes when it come to photographing your pieces.  I was originally going to make my own Light Box but by the time I purchased the needed lights and bulbs it was just cheaper to buy a kit.  These photos were taken with my Android Phone btw.  I cannot imagine the difference a real digital camera will make lol.

This is one that I have done that is not completely finished.  Notice the string lol.  I have remade this piece a total of 3 times and I will probably have to remake it again.  I am just horrible at cutting the piece out.  I need a "How to Cut Out Your Bead Embroidery Piece" class!  I really do like the color story of this one though, it is my favorite.

On another note I purchased the Aug/Sept issue of Super Beadwork that has a piece in it by Marcie Abney!  I can't wait until I get to try this.  I have never really made anything using a pattern out of a magazine.  Should be fun!  We also finally have another manager at work so I am hoping that after next week I will go back to a regular 40 hour work week which will give me more time to create. So what is your favorite beading/craft magazine and why?  

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  1. Hmm I really need to get me a light box. Great photos Marla, and with your phone no less. That is a beautiful pendant love the colors in it. I like all of the bead mags, but my favorite is Beadworks I like the projects and the easy to follow instructions.