Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coffee and Cream

Here is what I made today using Marcie Abney's instructions that are in the Oct/Nov issue of Super Beadwork.  It was very fast to work up and the instructions were really easy to follow.  I have to admit that this is the first time that I have followed a pattern out of a magazine and I was surprised at how pleased I am with the results. 

Now I just have to decide on which pattern to do next!  I am really leaning toward This and That by Melinda Barta.  I will of course share more photos on whatever project that I end up completing.  Do you ever do projects from a magazine? 


  1. Oh my Marla, I love the bracelet! I enjoy doing Marcie's tutorials. I have done several patterns from the magazines.

  2. OMG, Marla! I have ordered that magazine just to make Marcie's pattern. I love that bracelet so much! I am anxiously awaiting its arrival! I have made several things from magazine patterns. That paper hand you display your jewelry on is so fun! It reminds me of a cartoon hand! Did you make it?

  3. Thanks Ladies for your kind words! The paper hand I purchased at JoAnn's. I like it a lot but it will not hold up anything with any type of weight to it. I do not think that it would be hard to make at all and in fact I am considering painting this one, or buying another one to paint in case I mess it up lol.

  4. Very pretty! Marcie made me a bracelet in that pattern! And your question about the Bead Soup Blog Party -- YES you can join, beginners to advanced can join! Tomorrow on my blog the new badge and dates will be posted.