Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nice to Meet Ya!

I am sooooo excited!  I am being interviewed for the first time!  Shelley from Fabric of My Life is starting a new feature called Beading Friend Friday and I am the first one!  I am so excited about it that I just had to share!

So be sure to check out Shelley's wonderful blog tomorrow to check it out!  She is going to make this a weekly feature and I am so honored that she would choose me to be her first!

Isn't it amazing how small this wonderful world is?  I met Shelley online and just from conversations that we have shared I consider her a close friend already.  She is so witty and sweet!  So be sure to check out her blog "Fabric of My Life" on Friday and see what she came up with!

And as always to you dear readers;


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