Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Learning Curve

So I am a bit behind on Blogging.  Not being able to create anything because of a fractured bone has put a bit of a damper on my blogging spirit.  Well NO more!  I am healed :)  So today to get back into the groove of things I decided to break out a tutorial by Viki of FDEkszer on Etsy.  I have had a small stash of Tila Beads for a while so it was time to get some play in with them.

Totally Tila Bangle

Now I have to admit this was a very frustrating piece.  I had to remake it three times!  I was using 10lb Fireline and the bicones kept snapping the fireline.  The tutorial itself is very easy to follow I just wish Viki would have put in what type of thread she recommends using for this piece.  My tension is a bit wonky on this piece because I was afraid the fireline would break again so the tension is not as tight as it could be,  It will be a piece that I will wear because it seems so clean and summery to me.  However that being said I am not sure if I will ever make another one.  Way to much frustration with the fireline snapping.  Here is another shot using different lighting.

Totally Tila Bangle

I have purchased another tutorial from Viki @ FDEkszer, to see if I have better luck with it.  I really like her tutorial so I am hoping that the next one turns out a bit better.  I will be sure to post my results here.

Now for the piece that I am really happy with is "Clinging Vine" by Cristie Prince from the April/May 2012 Beadwork Magazine.  Cristie actually offered kits for sell on her website Glassy Jewels.   The kit had everything needed to make the piece but for the smoke fireline and a needle.  In fact I have some of the mats left that I may try to turn into earrings to match at some point.  For the price of the kit I was really happy with the quality of materials.

Clinging Vine
Now I made the netting a bit long for this piece or the memory wire a bit short so the ends of it are a bit wobbly lol.  I don't care I WILL be making this piece again and I hope to purchase the other colors that Cristie offers for this piece.  It is sooooo pretty and was a breeze to make for someone of my limited experience.  I actually received the June/July issue of Beadwork today and found myself rather disappointed that there was not another piece in there by Cristie. 

So that is what I have been up to on my beading table.  I am actually thinking of turning this blog into a beading tutorial review type site but I am not completly sure yet.  Is there a niche for beading tutorial reviews?  What do you think?  I get tired of purchasing tutorials only to find that the materials are impossible to find or that the tutorial itself is hard to follow.  Maybe rank the tutorials as well to make it easy to find one just for your skill level.  I don't know yet though.  It is just a thought.  Till next time:

Peace and <3


  1. Hi Marla,
    The two bracelets look beautiful. I think if you would have used 6lb fireline you may not have had that issue. Thank you for sharing Christie's web site. I just purchased a kit of the bracelet. I have been looking for the supplies to make this bracelet ever since I first saw it on the cover of Beadwork. I could not gathered the supplies at the cost of the kit this is a great deal.
    I think you have a wonderful idea to review tutorials, this will be really helpful.

  2. I agree Therese! The price of the kit is a steal! And the materials are really super yummy and high quality. I plan on picking the kit up again soon. I did try several different weights of fireline. I started with 6lb and it snapped on the first phase, the 8lb got me a bit further and the 10lb snapped twice near the end but I was able to "repair" it. Thanks again, your comments mean a ton!

  3. So sorry you had such a tough time with the tila bracelet. It still looks great. The other one is just beautiful. Skill level is kinda hard to gauge, since everyone rates themselves differently. A few designers do give a rating for their tutorials, like Cynthia Daniels, Sabine Lippert, and Kerrie Slade. I have reviewed a couple of tutorials, and plan to do more in the future. Having said that, I do realize that what may come across crystal clear for me, may not for others. To this point, Callie Mitchell and Nancy Dale's patterns have been the easiest for me to read and understand. I think it's a good idea for several people to be out there, giving reviews of patterns, and it's fun! :)

  4. These are both so beautiful! The tila one for its simplicity in appearance and the clinging vine for its elegance. Sorry you had a rough time with the fireline...I hope you can find what works and make more. As for tutorial reviews, go for it!
    So glad you are healed and able to create!

  5. i love the green added to the white; your bracelet is beautiful.

    i'm an experienced beader and bought the tutorial. if the rest of her tutorials are written like this one, i will never buy another. i had most of the bangle finished and had to order more beads (not her fault; mine). i was excited to get them and finish the bangle. i read and re-read the instructions for that final step more than i care to think of. i have written her asking for more clarifying instruction and haven't heard back yet. i will probably tear this apart and make something else. i really like the look of the bracelet and love the colors i used (turquoise and padparashka or however it's spelled); i'm simply so disappointed in the instructions. i hope those, who are only vaguely familiar with beading, do not buy this with the expectation of having an easy experience. it is quick to make once you make out the instructions but i simple cannot figure what the last step is as she puts diagrams on top of diagrams and, even for me, an advanced beader, they are not easy to navigate. i am using 6# fireline and have had no problem with the line breaking, especially in light of the fact i tend to be a tight tension beader.

    1. I had glad to know that I was not the only one that struggled with the pattern! Folding the Tila Beads over in the last step, it was pretty confusing! I only purchased the other tutorial because it was half price at 4.00. I have yet to try it yet so I am not sure how easy or confusing it is yet. Thank you soooo much for your honest feedback. I am positive it will help other beaders as well. I am beginning to think that maybe it was the bicones I was using that kept cutting the thread. When I purchased that tutorial they actually sent me the wrong on so I actually got two for the price of one but I do not like the other one anyway lol. Thanks so much for sharing your comments, if you have any recommendations for designers that sell Tutorials please let me know!

  6. I'm reading back, Marla, so sorry for the lateness of the comment....first of all, congrats on being published!! I'll look forward to seeing your bracelet in W.O.R.D.

    ...and second...I think the tutorial reviews are GENIUS....some of these tutorials are getting STUPID expensive. Seriously.....$68 for a .pdf tutorial?? Are you KIDDING me??!! And then to find the directions simply are impossible to follow....

    There's another old saying....fool me once...

    So, anyway, rant over :-) Definitely do it!!

  7. Your bracelet turned out to be beautiful. In the meantime I re-designed the tutorial for this bangle and now it's more understandable and detailed with photos. If anybody how bought this tutorial from me needs or wants the updated version I'm more than happy to send a copy of it for free of charge of course. Thanks for your honest feedback, it helps a lot to make the tutorials the way beaders like it.
    Viki - FDEkszer