Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Great Post

I am making a post just to point out another blog post written by someone else that I think everyone should read.   Enjoy!

The True Cost of Handmade by Somer Sherwood

p.s Make sure you read the comments.  I almost fell out of my chair laughing at some of them.  Enjoy :)

Happy Thanksgiving all!  <3


  1. Hi Marla, that was an interesting article and I agree with what Somer was saying. The comments got a little catty don't you think? Poor Sabrina she did not deserve a lot of what was being said about her comment.

  2. Catty is a polite way to put it Therese lol. But yeah I agree with Somer as well, she made some really great points.

  3. Thanks for visiting and for your question about RubyLane. I will try to answer your question as completely as possible, give me another day. I am having a very busy day at home today and computer time is limited. Thanks also for the link to the true cost of handmade, great points and so very true.