Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Lighter Shade of Pale

I made another piece last night. I love the color story but I am still struggling with stitching the beads evenly. So I will have to remake this one before it becomes a pendant. It is hard not to get frustrated because I want perfection. Practice makes perfect......Right?


  1. It's beautiful Marla, remember what you see as flaws, others see character of a handmade piece!
    When using beads that are not uniform in shape will give the look of being uneven. Don't beat yourself up, it is not you it's the beads.

  2. I am wanting to be perfect too, Marla! Aaargh! Here is what Marcie said in an email to me.......
    I've been thinking about your problem with the 8's, and here's what I do.
    First of all, make sure when you line your beads up in the beginning that they are tight. I don't leave any room inbetween my beads when I'm measuring the distance. Also, if it seems like they are a little too big to go around cleanly, you might have to slide a few beads off and look for slightly slimmer beads (even the 4mm will have slight size variations)
    Secondly, when you are making your stitches, push the beads that you are getting ready to add all the way to the foundation to make them tight, and then pass through your foundation. Be sure when you come back up through the foundation that your needle is exiting in front of the size 8 bead and that you're not moving it when you pass through it. You want to capture the bead with your needle, and anchor it against the foundation, but you shouldn't move it with your thread......I haven't tried again yet. Maybe this will help you!!

  3. Thanks Ladies for your kind words and your advice! I think part of my problem may be the thread that I am using that is making my tension wonky. I am using 4lb FireLine and I just don't think that is working out. I went out to Hobby Lobby yesterday on my way to work and picked up some Nymo Size D thread and I am going to try to give that a shot today to see if that makes a difference. <3