Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Bite of Fall

I love fall. The changing of the seasons has always been my favorite times of the year. While it is not officially fall yet the changes are starting to be felt in the air. I live in the South and when you can get up in the morning and it is only 94 degrees you know that fall is fast approaching. We do not have much of a fall here....only a few weeks or so but I love every one. The colors of fall are what inspires me the most. I love the rich browns and rusts of the season. The earth tones that speak so deeply to me.

What is your favorite season and why? How does it inspire you?


  1. Hi Marla, I would have to say Fall is my favorite season. Changing from hot to warm to cool, the smell in the air, the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. Picking up pecans and making pies and pastries. Waking up to the crisp morning air... I could go on and on, yes Fall is my favorite season!

  2. Mmmmm Pecans.... I can't wait for them to start falling!