Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kumihimo and Soccer

Soccer has started back for the spring season.  I know my daughter was ready for it to start back.  She really has a great time playing and she has made several new friends as well.  The last game is in April and I really wanted to make something for all the girls on the team before the season was over.  Something that would remind them of their year as a Saltillo Tiger.

So a quick goggle search and I discover Kumihimo Braiding.  It kind of reminds me of the friendship bracelets I used to make when I was my daughters age over 20 years ago.  It seemed perfect but I did not have a Kumihimo Disk nor did I want to wait on one.  I remember recently buying Trinity one of those craft lace lanyard making kits at Hobby Lobby and it looked almost exactly like the disk I needed.  One search through a messy pre-teen bedroom later and Ta-Da:

I went on another shopping trip today to try and find the cord in the colors that I need.  Hobby Lobby was closed today as it was Sunday so I made a trip to the new craft store in town called Joann's Fabrics.  I had zero luck in finding larger rattail cord or any type of cord that was 1mm or 2mm.  None of the employees had any idea on what rattail was either :/  So I ended up with embroidery floss.  Now the great thing about embroidery floss is the wide selection of colors.  Wow it really is amazing at all the choices you have. 

So after finding the team colors I made my first Kumihimo bracelet.  

I am really happy with the way that turned out.  The first one I made was a bit to skinny for me so I remade it and doubled up the floss which made it a bit thicker.  One bracelet down, 11 more to go lol.

I wish I knew where to find the best type of cord to use for this.  Does anyone know?  If you do where do you order it from?  Any advice or hints on this art form would be much appreciated.  

Peace and <3


  1. Marla,
    I love the bracelet. I just started doing Kumihimo just before Christmas. You can use just about any kind of cord, thick thread, ribbon, even leather. Fire Mountain Gems sells 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm rat tail. They also sell waxed cotton cord that would be good too. Have fun and experiment with different mediums.

  2. Cute bracelet! I love Kumihimo too. I started using Kumihimo cords using ribbon yarn in my necklace designs and want to try beaded kumihimo in the future. Have fun!

  3. Hi I just found your blog from Lori Anderson's and saw this cute Kumihimo bracelet you made. Here are a couple of sites I use for kumihimo supplies.

    Have fun weaving.

  4. I just saw your post - I do macrame using C-lon beading cord & I know I've seen folks use that for kumihimo as well. has a good selection (although not all of the 106? colors) and has free shipping. Happy crafting:)