Friday, October 14, 2011

Harvest, Pumpkins, and Soccer!

I have been so busy lately! We decided to sign up our daughter for soccer this year and while it is a huge time sink we are really enjoying it. This is Trinity's first year in soccer but I really hope that she does it again. Because of this I have not had time to make anything new at all as soccer practice and the games tend to take up all of my free time.

I knew nothing about soccer as when I was in high school 20 years ago it was not played in this area. I am so happy we decided to let her try it! The games are such a blast and I never knew how competitive I am. The parents tend to get into it more than the players do lol. Of course we are still trying to learn the rules and such but it really has been a good family thing for us to do. So if I am away for a while it is because practices and games are taking up a huge chunk of my time. Me a soccer mom? Who Knew!

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  1. Have fun being a Soccer Mom Marla, we will be hear when you return.